Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My "problem" with blogging.

I have tried for years to be a regular blogger.  I never maintain a blog "correctly" by promoting it, writing on regular intervals and on a cohesive topic, etc.  Why?  I am so organized and timely in my professional life, why can't I translate some of those skills to being a writer/blogger?

I will tell you why.  Because I want to do EVERYTHING.  NOW.  And I cannot commit to just one thing.

While working through "The Declaration of You," I asked myself:  "Self, what are your hobbies, what do you enjoy?"  And unfortunately my answer looked something like this:

  • Music.  Listening, collecting, playing.  I am proficient at piano and play publicly for special occasions, but my long-term goals involve forcing my daughter to take violin so I can learn strings and evench play cello.  I would also LOVE to be part of a casual band that plays publicly.
  • Craftiness.  I use this term loosely.  I have done cross stitch (and have at least 3 unfinished projects in storage), knit (I have a scarf that still needs to be finished), crochet (I started an overachiever's blanket), scrapbooking (I have 2 unfinished books), wreath making (I have an unfinished Halloween wreath sitting on my desk next to my computer right now) among many MANY others.
  • Exercise.  I've always wanted to be an aerobics instructor and was well on my way to becoming one when I got pregnant, tore my patellar tendon and got some good old fashioned excruciating IT band syndrome.  I'd like to teach step aerobics someday.
  • Writing.  I have always loved the idea of writing something like a textbook, a novel, some other work that will live on like a legacy.  This is my least successful "hobby" so far because aside from the professional writing that I've done (my last two reviews were published in 2013! Here's number one and number two), I've not been able to devote the time to develop to writing as a hobby.
  • Reading.  I looooooove to read.  I read internet magazines (print?  pshaw!), news websites, blogs, novels (mostly trash, I admit), biographies - I will almost read anything!  I cannot sleep without reading at least a paragraph first and most days I fall asleep in my king bed with a book and my google tablet.
The moral of this story/post is that I don't finish things and I am too divided.  I cannot focus hard enough on any one thing to make it happen with consistency.  For that, I apologize to my readers (all 3 of you, HA HA).

What do you think is required to be a good blogger?  How often does one have to post to remain relevant?