Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update - meds work.

Hi!  Sorry its been a few days - it was a busy week.

The asthma/allergy meds are doing wonders.  I feel good.  My level of exhaustion after a busy day at work is normal - not debilitating.  I'm still on the inhaled steroid, the singulair, and anti-histamines at night for when my allergies are worst.  All-in-all, its been a good week.

I've been eating clean.  What I mean by this is limiting processed foods (I define something processed as something that is changed from its natural state), eating as much fruits/veg as possible, eating no/little pure sugar, drinking lots of water and not having fake sugars at all.

Is it the allergies being under control or is it the eating?  Whatever it is, I feel good and have lost EIGHT POUNDS in the last week.


Carry on, we are going to the Greek Festival so I will write more on diets, foods, anti-inflammation lifestyles, etc. tomorrow!


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