Tuesday, July 17, 2012


To none other than ALDI brand turkey brats.  Yeah, yeah I know that sausages are bad for you and whatnot (I am hearing Claudia's voice in my head right now).  But you can't just throw away food - and I had some in my freezer.  Monday morning I woke up with all of the familiar things:  swollen face, puffy eyes, lethargy, fatigue (and not cause it was just Monday).  A check of the ingredients list on the sausages made me realize that they have all of the bad culprits:  tons of chemical preservatives, gluten, wheat, etc.


I took an allegra and went to bed Monday night and now, Tuesday morning, I'm feeling well again.

Most importantly - the scale is stalled despite a stellar eating weekend.  If my body's normal behavior holds true, this will last about 3 days.


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  1. Sausages are not bad for you, mass produced sausages made with crap are bad for you. We eat sausages made with meat and spices and nothing else in them often. But typical supermarket sausages are filled with tons of other stuff.

    You'll recover and be back on track soon!