Wednesday, September 30, 2015

When a comment makes you think really hard. . .

When a comment makes you think really hard. . .then you know it was worth putting the post out there.

Have you ever read something that trigger such a realization or revelation that you literally heard that needle-scratching-record sound in your head?  You think to yourself - wait, WHAT?

An old friend that is new again (ha ha) made a comment on my last blog post that threw me for a loop. Specifically, she said the following:
"Why do you want to be a blogger? Or: why does it bother you not to be blogging regularly?"
I cannot answer that question.  I have thought about it a lot.  Ad nauseum, in fact.  I don't have an answer!


  1. Ha! You know what's so funny? The whole full-circleness here - I've since closed my blog!

  2. I was sad to see it disappear. I hope everything is OK!