Thursday, January 3, 2013

Balance. Stress. Organization.

These are my hopeful themes of 2013.

Step 1 - slowly reclaim my space.  I have help.  There are some great websites - most notably my ever encouraging and patient friend at GetAGrip.  I also like UFYH (which is actually a really bad name for business because who wants to go around swearing the "Eff" word when mentioning a place of business??).  Finally, good ole Flylady has some great ideas.

I took some time to declutter a few areas BEFORE putting away the new holiday stuff including my stockpile of shower stuff (shower gel I'm allergic to?  WHY am I saving that???), my drawers and hanging clothes in the closet and my daughter's huge piles of too-small clothing.  I have a mega stack to give to Goodwill and a box - one that even made it to my CAR - to ship to a friend for her daughter.

Each night I will tackle one - albeit likely very small - task designed to make my life less stressy.

What steps are you taking to find balance and destress your 2013?

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