Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On using the scale.

Do you weigh yourself regularly?  How do you measure your health if not by the scale?

It's 2013 and I refuse to begin the daily obsession with weighing myself daily.  I will weigh once a month at best.



  1. No. I weigh myself maybe 6x year. Usually about a month before a doctor's appointment, so I can prepare myself to be officially weighed (somehow it's easier for me mentally to see the number at the gym, and have a month to do something about it, than to just get on the scale at the doctor's office), and then at the end of a period of paying serious attention to nutrition/fitness. Very occasionally I'll get on the scale if I'm feeling especially bad (to scare myself into action), or especially good.

    With the sporadic weighing, I've only seen a range of about 8 pounds over the past few years. I may have missed some highs and some lows, but I think I have a pretty good handle based on how I look and feel.

  2. Great attitude, C, as usual. :) I strive to find balance. In retrospect I got a bit scale-obsessed when I started Paleo last year which is probably how I ended up losing 20lbs and gaining 5 right back. Unhealthy habits don't work. Balance does.